‘Harmonious Fusion’ by Fantomacs showcases a pure groundbreaking approach and musical mastery

His music is a fusion of nostalgia and futurism, a reflection of the vibrant energy and avant-garde spirit of Berlin
23rd November 2023

​Embarking on a sonic journey that defies convention, Joerg Peters, also known as Fantomacs, showcases an unmatched fusion of creativity and virtuosity. As a sonic alchemist, he intricately weaves together a captivating tapestry of sounds. The recent release, Harmonious Fusion, an absorbing 8-track marvel, stands as a testament to Fantomacs’ groundbreaking approach and musical mastery.

Hailing from the pulsating heart of Berlin, Fantomacs soaked in the eclectic soundscape of a city known for its thriving music scene. The electronic beats echoing through the city streets became the building blocks of his musical foundation, laying the groundwork for an artistic journey that would soon capture international acclaim.

Now based in the serene confines of Bern, Switzerland, Fantomacs brings forth Harmonious Fusion, an album that defies convention and showcases his evolution as a composer and producer. Dedicated to discovering the dynamic interplay between electronic elements and live instrumentation.

​Filled with intricate improvisations, rhythmic complexity, and a rich fusion of live instruments seamlessly integrated into electronic beats​, the 8 tracks on this album ​showcases Fantomacs’ ability to meld ambient, chillout, electronic, fusion jazz, funk, and rock into a cohesive and innovative whole is nothing short of genius. 

The roots of Fantomacs’ musical journey lie deep within the diverse musical tapestry of Berlin. Influenced by electronic music pioneers like Doldinger’s Passport, Mezzoforte, Four80East, and the legendary Steely Dan, he has crafted a sound that pays homage to the past while boldly stepping into the future.

His music is a fusion of nostalgia and futurism, a reflection of the vibrant energy and avant-garde spirit of Berlin. Fantomacs has not only absorbed the sounds of his hometown but has reinvented them, creating compositions that are both timeless and cutting-edge.

In a world saturated with sound,​ Fantomacs cements his position as a visionary artist as the beats of Harmonious Fusion echo.