Happy Sometimes reveals her seductive fearlessness with the new song ‘Happy’

She was fed up with people pretending to be happy while they were actually in pain
2 March 2023

Happy Sometimes won hearts in 2017 with her shiny pop-rock song Love For The Weekend, now the artist, producer, and writer of Laguna Beach, CA is back with a bang, this time with her new single Happy, which is also an acronym, Hate And Pride Protecting You.

The new exciting indie-pop gem features her expressive vocals and the accompaniment of simple open chords on an acoustic guitar which convey a strong message and a feeling of nostalgia from the early 2000s.

The moving yet catchy song “HAPPY – Hate And Pride Protecting You” tries to convey the idea that we ought to be able to accept fear, pain and uncertainty. The LA-based artist aspires to a world where people may not be afraid to express themselves, free from fear of judgment and confident in their vulnerabilities.

The one-of-a-kind self-taught songwriter and producer wrote the song in 5 minutes from her Hollywood apartment. She was fed up with people pretending to be happy while they were actually in pain. Her belief was that healing starts when one can accept and face their own sorrows.

Drawing inspiration from the Beatles, Happy has consistently pushed the boundaries of genres while feeling her way through life.

Although her voice is seductively fragile, Happy’s words show an unshakable strength that shows her fearlessness. She elevates and brings peace of mind to everyone, regardless of age or origin, with her rare and effective way of connecting with the soul.