HANNE KOSLTØNorwegian songstress, Hanne Kolstø describes her new album ‘While We Still Have The Light’ – out now on Jansen Plateproduksjon – like this: “Five albums. Five years of my life. Five years where the lyrics gradually have become more important, where I feel I’ve found out more about how I look upon life and people around me and myself in all this. Five years with many different emotions.”

This is the stylish video, directed by Oda Berby, for the powerfully seductive and meaningful synth-pop pearl called ‘I Like You’.

‘While We Still Have The Light’ is the final segment of her ambitious and fascinating five-albums-in-five-years project, started in 2011….”While We Still Have Light” mirrors the goodbye theme, which can be interpreted in many different ways – Kolstø says – In the middle of this is doubt; the doubt before a decision, the doubt before you choose to break out of bad patterns, the doubt before you choose to leave a friend or a boyfriend, before you choose to enter a darkness, in the hope that maybe there’s more light on the other side”.