Photo by Elizabeth Evans - Nature Goddess Photography

Hannah Lou Woods. Embracing vulnerability in ‘Fallen from the Stars’

“Love can be scary, it can rip you open and bring up vulnerable parts of yourself that might feel unworthy of love”
31 January 2024

Originating from a quaint Minnesota town, Hannah Lou Woods, a versatile multi-instrumentalist, producer, and singer-songwriter, embarks on a fresh musical journey. Renowned for her electronic project We Saw Lions, Woods now unveils a different side of her artistry with the release of her debut acoustic single, Fallen from the Stars. This song perfectly sets the stage for her upcoming EP, Meet Me at the Pine Tree, a compilation of love songs due for release on February 14, 2024.

Blending folksy, bluesy, and pop elements, Woods’s music is a heartfelt expression of genuine emotion, enhanced by her distinctive vocals and the lyrical depth of personal experience.

Fallen from the Stars, an emotional and heartfelt acoustic ballad, incorporates elements of adult contemporary and acoustic pop. The song, recorded at Ugly Duck Studios with co-producer and engineer Dave Chapman, features Woods’s vocals and piano, complemented by Trevor Jarvis on the cello. The track embodies the journey of unraveling self-doubt and fear to embrace the power of being loved authentically.

The inspiration for Fallen from the Stars sprang from Woods’s experience of falling in love with her husband amongst the juniper trees and red rock mountains of Sedona, AZ. The song became a tool for her to process and confront her self-doubt about real love. Woods encapsulates this sentiment by saying, “Love can be scary, it can rip you open and bring up vulnerable parts of yourself that might feel unworthy of love. Fallen from the Stars is about unraveling the layers of self-doubt and fear that prevent you from letting yourself be loved, it’s about the power of someone loving you for you and the challenge of believing that you’re worthy of that kind of love,”

Photo by Elizabeth Evans – Nature Goddess Photography

This song played a pivotal role in Woods’s life, even being the surprise backdrop for the first dance at her wedding. It symbolizes her openness to lifelong love and the profound experience of being surrounded by love from friends and family. The accompanying music video, funded by the Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council, includes footage from her wedding, adding a layer of intimacy and authenticity to the song.

She reveals: The song helped me be open to the idea that I could actually possibly love someone for my whole life. That dance was one of the most beautiful moments I’ve experienced, to be surrounded by so much love all at once, from our friends and family, from Jeff, almost too much love for my heart to hold.” 

The EP Meet Me at the Pine Tree is a gift of love songs to her husband, akin to a long love letter. By sharing this sacred aspect of her life, Woods aims to remind listeners of the beauty and love that persist even through life’s challenges.

Hannah Lou Woods explains: “With this song and the EP, I’m inviting listeners and fans into an aspect of myself and my life that I usually keep fairly private, because it’s such a sacred thing to me. It feels like another level of vulnerability and authenticity that I’m sharing with the world. I wanted people to be able to hopefully feel a little of this love that I’ve experienced and let it touch their lives too. To help remind people of the beauty, that it’s here even amidst all the hard and terrible things in the world, to create a reminder that there is something beautiful here too and that we are all worthy of the kind of love that makes our hearts sing.”

A graduate of Boston’s Berklee College of Music with dual degrees in music therapy and songwriting, her music reflects her journey of healing and transformation. Her upcoming EP, Meet Me at the Pine Tree, promises to be an intimate exploration of love and self-discovery.