‘Hangin On A Dream’. Julia Gaeta explores desire and fulfillment in latest single from ‘Blur Divine’ EP

"You’re grasping at something and it slips away, leaving you hanging, confused, wondering"
23 April 2024

Julia Gaeta introduces Hangin On A Dream, the latest single from her upcoming EP, Blur Divine. This track delves into the intricacies of desire and fulfillment, with intimate verses crafted spontaneously in a Portuguese studio. Transitioning from a dreamy start to a trance-like state, Gaeta’s songwriting captures the complexities of unlove and distorted reality with mesmerizing storytelling.

Gaeta explains: “Hangin On A Dream​” is about coming to terms with your desires, and realizing you may have never had them fulfilled. You’re grasping at something and it slips away, leaving you hanging, confused, wondering. The verses were written on the spot in a studio in Portugal. This is a dual-part song, one that begins very intimately and floaty, and then swells deeper into a trance-like state.”

With Hangin On A Dream and her forthcoming EP, Blur Divine, Gaeta invites us to embark on an alluring sonic journey through murky swamps and absinthe-tinged visuals, mirroring her introspective exploration of love’s pitfalls. Inspired by personal experiences and the gritty energy of Paris nights, Gaeta crafted the EP between two locations in the city, with each influencing the record’s dynamic.

One location was a sublet on the 8th floor of a 1970s apartment complex, overlooking the renowned Père Lachaise Cemetery in the backdrop and the sprawling cityscape of Paris in the foreground. The apartment exuded an atmosphere akin to a lo-fi sex dungeon, adorned with faux leather curtains, fetishwear tucked away in closets, enigmatic stains, and a bed surrounded by mirrors.

In collaboration with producer James “Perturbator” Kent and filmmaker David Fitt, Gaeta brings her dark trip-hop sound to life, capturing the essence of Paris nights in both sound and visuals. Later, she teams up with LA-based producer Alex DeGroot to expand her sonic landscape, blending industrial textures with ethereal melodies to create a mesmerizing listening experience.

Video Produced & Directed by David Fitt | Cinematography by Thomas Leloup

Gaeta’s music blends metal, grunge, ’90s pop, and hip-hop influences, reminiscent of bands like Depeche Mode and Killing Joke. As she gears up to tour her EP and start work on an LP, audiences are invited to explore her haunting vocals and evocative soundscapes.