Han Chien Leow Treads IN THE DARKNESS

Living in one of the rising hubs of electronic music influence, Malaysian, rising producer Han Chien Leow continues to showcase a diversifying sound. His latest single In The Darkness sees its first outing via London label Absent Mind.

The tune is a vibrant, uplifting stir of gorgeous synths, lyricism, and engineering. Accompanied by an equally as powerful drop, the tune does everything to evoke heartfelt emotions out of every listener. Discussing the track, he says “I really hope that my new single is going to elevate me to the next level, breaking through the impossibilities.”

It’s no surprise Absent Mind jumped on this tune, and what’s more is this is only the beginning for Han Chien Leow, who is very much still in the beginnings of a fruitful career. 

By Holly Frith