Ham Sandwich to play their unique sound at Auntie Annies

Hotly tipped & toasted, the Kells-based band’s debut album CARRY THE MEEK was released on Feb.15th in Ireland’s flagship HMV Store in Dublin’s Grafton Street where over 350 fans turned out to see them perform & be the first to purchase a copy of the much anticipated release by the Kell-based band. Their unique sound is built around the dovetail vocals of Niamh & Podge flying against a cloudy sky with catchy yet intricate guitars. CARRY THE MEEK includes the new hit single, the nostalgic “KEEPSAKE” as well as all their singles to date include the belt busting “CLICK…CLICK…BOOM”, the haunting SAD SONGS, the punchy ST.CHRISTOPHER, & the soaring WORDS. This Kells band really cooks! CARRY THE MEEK and all the singles are available nationwide in all good record stores and on iTunes.

We called ourselves Ham Sandwich, not because we like sandwiches or because of the s*xual innuendo or to get away from the ubiquitous-prefix-followed-by-esoteric-noun formula that most bands follow but because we couldn’t give a f**k what our gang is called, the stupider the better. It’s a bit of a blessing I guess, no-one ever forgets the name and it makes us work harder. It is always going to be next to impossible to market a band called ‘Ham Sandwich’ because the name’s not cool, sexy or arty which means we’ve got to produce really good pop songs, play really good live and kick our own arses to get any success. Then it’s funny when we’re reading things about us or being played on the radio cause we know that the DJ or reviewer saw the name probably laughed their b*llox off expecting a novelty record, played it, liked it and gave us a good review or aired our record. I guess we’re experiencing the anguish of an early Engelbert Humperdick.’ ~ Niamh Sandwich

Ham Sandwich, fronted by Podge and Niamh, have cut their cloth as a sterling underground treasure with an almost cult like following the likes of Weezer or early Flaming Lips, a following that knows wherever Ham Sandwich goes fun and madness intrinsically follows.

The name is a simple, effective decoy, just like there’s a computer called Apple, a band called Ham Sandwich manages to dispense with the expected cliches of what a modern indie band should be and instead have allowed themselves the space to build a performance that is outstanding in giving people what they want to see, strange outfits, bright colours, a sexy front woman and a lunatic like front man. Their underground status and cult acclaim has seen them guesting alongside such reknown performers as Electric Six, I’m From Barcelona, Whitesnake, Pere Ubu, Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, My Morning Jacket, the Bluetones, and the Buzzcocks amongst others.

Ham Sandwich released their fourth single ‘click…click…BOOM’ in Ireland last February following the success of singles ‘Sad Songs’, ‘St. Christopher’ and ‘Words’. True DIY enthusiast they have spurned the norms of booking themselves into a studio… to instead build their own studio in Headfort House, Kells (their hometown) with the help of Frames producer Karl Odlum. Their hometown fondness has also seen them turn this 18th Century mansion into the location for their music video for ‘St. Christopher’ which includes their followers dancing along to their music in the house’s expansive ballroom.

Their music has garnered them a wide selection of admirers including legendary Beach Boys producer Van Dyke Parks, Pat Kenny, and Bono, who vehemently advised them to change their name and Smashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan who requested copies of the bands music prior to his solo performance in Dublin earlier this year and invited them along to his show. For novices of the Ham Sandwich live experience here’s some advice: leave your prejudice of what an indie band should be safe at home, stock up on lots of funergy and bring your dancing shoes because live…these guys are deliciously stunning.

Johnny put the idea of playing together forward at a crucifixion party on Good Friday, 2003. He had known extrovert frontman Podge since they were toddlers, met Darcy in English class where they shared the same teacher credited with inspiring Tommy Tiernan, Dylan Moran and Hector. Drummer Ollie he met during a bizarre accident involving a thumb ring and a fire engine and the stunning Niamh he befriended soon after she returned to Dublin after a time in Glasgow.

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