Half Waif – the exciting project by Brooklyn, NY based Nandi Rose Plunkett – shares her stupefying and splendidly personal new EP ‘form/a’ in full, which is released as a limited-edition 12” & digitally Feb. 24 via Cascine.

Speaking of her harmonious electropop journey, the producer/songwriter/vocalist, explains: “I set out to record form/a on my own, wanting this EP to be a record of what my moods sound like, if I could pull them out of my insides and amplify them. This collection of songs is a look into how those moods affect my relationships, how they take me on journeys through my past, how they transport me into meditations on life and death. These are songs of self, but not self in a vacuum, romanticized into isolation; rather, self as it is given form through interactions with other people and with the physical environment. It is a step towards bringing abstract feelings into a concrete world, so that we may better see each other.”

Interestingly, Nandi was the daughter of an Indian refugee mother and an American father of Irish/Swiss descent. The Cover art for ‘form/a’ was shot by Adan Carlo and hand-stitched by Chilean artist, María Aparicio Puentes.

She explains: “Half Waif was born at a time when all my identities were fracturing and shifting. A waif is someone without a home, but here I was with too many homes, a half waif by virtue of feeling unattached to any specific place, but to many places at once. I took up the torch of Half Waif to make sense of all of the sounds and stories that have made me.”


Photo by Landon Speers