Guide to Slots: Reels, Paylines and RTP

Slots make up the majority of the profits earned in the gambling industry, in real-world casinos and online at sites such as Slots Racer. In this guide, the terms relating to slots will be explained to make reading those reviews a little easier.

What is a Slot?

A slot refers to online slot games, the virtual versions of the classic fruit machines. The goal with these games is the same, land certain symbols to make winning combinations and earn cash prizes. You are playing with real money; the coins you win are converted to your currency and reflected in your casino account.

Reels on Slot Games

Players are constantly trying to come up with strategies to get their hands on the massive cash prizes that are advertised. This is tough to do as slots are pure games of chance. The first thing you notice when you play a slot is how many reels and rows it has, these form the basic structure of the game. The fun that one can have playing the slot depends on the number of reels and rows it features. The classic slot machines from which slots are derived from only had 3 reels; the latest slots (video slots) typically have 5 reels and 3 rows. These are the most prominent slots available. Slots have become more like arcade games; the spinning reels and flashing lights are designed to keep your eyes on the screen as you try to hit it big.

Paylines of UK slots

Understanding paylines is how you understand how to win. Since the goal is to get the winning combinations by landing the right symbols, the second part of this explanation is that the combination is called a payline. Any win you get in a slot is due to paylines, without the right combination you can’t win. The paylines are shown on the paytable (the rules per game).

Some slots even give you the option of choosing the number of paylines you wish to play with. By doing this, you either increase or decrease your bet.

Return to Player

RTP (Return to Player) is what ensures that the house always gets a cut, no matter what.

This figure comes in the form of a percentage; it is the ratio of the bet placed of the total amount of pay outs in a certain period, in a specified casino network. This is a fancy way of saying that the RTP is the percentage of cash the players get back.

Typically, RTPs range between 80 and 99%. The higher, the better as a high RTP means more money that the player gets back. A low percentage is not ideal as it boasts a larger profit for the casino.

Slots are certainly the most diverse casino games out there, but these are staple aspects present in any slot or are at least mentioned if they have been chosen to be omitted. For example, if a slot decides to be unique and is structured on clusters rather than reels (lines). This guide is the first step to understanding the terminology, the next step is to do a little research and find a game with a high RTP to try out.