Groundbreaking tool for music and film fans

HMV has pioneered a revolutionary new tool for all users of iTunes to help build their music and film collections on their new social discovery site
The site’s unique ‘gap analyser’ function has been built to make a collector’s life a whole lot easier. People can now import their iTunes over easily and discover the music and film essentials that are missing from their iTunes collection.

From enhancing collections with new B-sides, remixes, or Directors cuts, the ‘gap analyser’ tool uses HMV’s exhaustive archive of music and film releases to highlight gaps.

Gideon Lask, E-Commerce Director for HMV, is excited about bringing this set of revolutionary new tools into the hands of music and film lovers around the world.

“We’ve tried to make it really simple for people who are passionate about films and music to grow their collection, so we’ve done all the hard work for them. A user simply imports their iTunes library into their profile and then sitting back while the magic happens backstage. We want to enrich their experience with music and film and bring them closer to the genres they love.

“There has been a dramatic shift in the way in which people buy, store and play music and film meaning people’s collections are very broad due to the ability to have instant access to a variety of genres. However, there is a lack of access to the depth, detail and background knowledge needed for people to expand their collections in the way they would like to. No other website offers this unique way of delivering something a fan might love, but is yet to discover.” has been developed specifically for the collector and features an array of tools and trivia and allows people to come together to share their passions, interests and knowledge with like-minded people.

People are able to discover, rate, recommend, share and enjoy everything from new artists and music to their favourite cult movies and film experiences.

Another unique feature of the site is the ability to share music and film ‘connections’ where users are encouraged to input interesting facts on their favourite bands, albums, films, actors and more to form a web of trivia around each one.

With the full support and involvement of HMV’s record label and film studio partnerships, will boast a wealth of rich content, including exclusive live footage of artist performances hosted by HMV stores. Over time, the site will be enriched by content created and uploaded by users themselves.

Apple and HMV already have a strong trading relationship, with iPods, iPod accessories and iTunes Gift Cards available in all HMV stores. is currently in open beta With a full site launch due this Autumn.