GREYSKIES releases stunning stadium-sized debut album ‘The Mind Is Like The Moon’

By Vee D

In a country that’s full of darkness, something beautifully profound can be taken from being surrounded by the night. GREYSKIES has illuminated his presence into the world and done exactly that, creating a softening blend of alternative rock and dark pop with his music that speaks far and wide. The Icelandic has now released his first body of work, so fittingly titled ‘My Mind Is Like The Moon’, and it’s as interesting and transcendent as the title suggests. 

The lead single and album as a whole possess cutting-edge production, and GREYSKIES’ vocal range is simply staggering, as he switches in mood and emotion in the chorus. The apt lyrics ‘even when the sun don’t shine’ bellows through and really hits home. It’s clear that GREYSKIES has found his home when songwriting, and he draws you in from that first second with every song on the album, making it a must-listen for before the light closes in on 2021.