By Frank Bell

Alt-RnB newcomer Greta Lovisa has us clicking repeat on her sassy, sleek new RnB pop track Disconnect.

Hailing from Germany and born into a family of musicians, Greta has always drawn inspiration from genre fluidity (from Jazz to Pop and R&B) and craftily works her skill into each of the glossy soundscapes she creates.

Having already impressed us with her most recent track Questions, Greta uses her velvety vocal melody and warm piano to melt the snapping, upbeat productions that have us tapping our feet. A catchy guitar riff immediately hooks you and carries you through the track while the trumpets are a delightful surprise adding depth to the track. 

With the perfect amount of cheek to stand up to the digital revolution, Greta delves into societies need to be in constant contact, “Since I moved to London, to focus on music, it has been hard for me to keep my social life in my Hometown intact.” Greta explains, “I am a terrible texter and I prefer real conversations. When I was writing this song, I actually had a completely different song in mind. But my phone was blowing up, with messages on messages and I had not been on my phone a lot. I got frustrated and started writing “disconnect” as this was what I was feeling. Sometimes, I would not talk at all if I could choose”

Ready and raring to create tracks that empower women and have everyone dancing in front of the mirror, Greta is making a statement with this latest track.