Greta Isaac talks ‘Comfortable’

London-based electro pop songstress, Greta Isaac opens up about her intriguing sonic project and the idea behind her new, darkly engaging and meaningful tune called ‘Comfortable’…”these subtle but destructive habits we have as humans…”

Hi Greta, how are you today?

I’m very well thank you, Fame Magazine.

Can you tell us a little bit about your new musical project?

Sure! This project is really about magnifying these subtle but destructive habits we have as humans and turning them into different characters. The songs have become personifications of these unhealthy traits.

What would you say it is that makes you stand out from other artists at the moment?

I think the sound myself and Jacob Attwooll have come up with it quite unique. I’ve always loved folk music and organic instrumentation, but I also love electronic production too. We thought about it for a while, then came up with this percussive fusion of both worlds.

We love your new single ‘Comfortable’. Can you tell us what it’s all about?

Comfortable is about being totally content and blissfully unaware of damaging systematic social and political constructs and issues. There’s a shameful arrogance to the character in the song I think. I really hate the perspective of the song, definitely.

Although you’re now based in London, coming from South Wales, how do you find the music scene down there?

Cardiff has an amazing artistic community. There’s a real sense of excitement and passion for creating beautiful and original work. The music scene is eclectic and exciting. I love it there.

You’ve got some live dates coming up at Festival No.6 and a secret London show – is that right?

That’s right! Me and my band are playing a secret show in Brixton, you can get tickets here:

And we’re also playing the Saturday at Festival No.6. I’ve never been but I love Portmeirion so I’m very excited!

What can fans expect from these shows?

Lots and lots of energy and even more close harmonies.

And if you could play anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

The Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury. I remember seeing a band there a few years ago while the sun was just setting and I turned to my friend and said “That’s what I want to do”

Who would you say are biggest influences musically?

I’d say a bluegrass band from Southern California, Nickel Creek (their album ‘Why Should The Fire Die’ is my favourite album of all time) and a three piece band called Son Lux. Their song ‘You Don’t Know Me’ did some weird things to my ears but I liked it.

And can you describe your sound in three words?

Punchy, percussive and curious.

Finally, what else does 2017 have in store for Greta Isaac?

More music and I cannot wait for you to hear it.