GRETA ISAAC Reveals Wistful New Single F U

By Vasco Dega

Greta Isaac’s new single is a much more vulnerable experience than the Welsh singer-songwriter has revealed before. F U is the last puzzle piece to be released early from her forthcoming EP, Pessimist.

With only an acoustic guitar and some vocal harmonies, this new single departs from the bravado and empowerment of previous track, Like Me, and Power, instead offering a far more insightful and melancholic sounding track. Stripped back to the barebones of Greta’s sweet soft-pop sound, F U’s lyrics about sadness and intimacy are is the singer’s way of baring it all, made all the more emotional by the ever so delicate vocals that sit front and centre.

“’FU’ deals with this idea of wanting to turn back time and undo things that, with perspective, you know were harmful. I think with this growth and awareness of yourself you can find some peace and clarity from upsetting points in your life. But sometimes our armor can’t hold us together for longer than we want and we’re left thinking: I wish I didn’t have to go through that. I didn’t deserve that,” says the Welsh singer.  

With BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders naming Greta Isaac as his Next Wave Artist on the Future Artists Show, the songwriter appears to be poised for more success in the future. With F U serving as the last release before the long-awaited EP, Pessimist, Greta’s ability to create endless melodies and jump between powerful anthems and wistful ballads will be seen by many more soon.