Welsh folk-pop artist Greta Isaac channels anger, joy and catharsis through bursting choral arrangements on her new single Power, a volatile pop track that takes on an almost entirely vocal form.

Showcasing all of Greta’s talent for constructing razor-sharp melodies, Power becomes almost A Capella in its lack of background instruments during the verses, which help the vocals take complete control of the single. Other dashes of instrumentation only help to make the track more of an earworm, whether it is through melodic chimes or layered harmonies.

Greta’s cutting message revolves around the effect that backhanded compliments can have, and how toxic they can feel. “This is about how I feel being looked at as a woman and how I can feel useless without the affirmation of the male gaze. Each line starts as a compliment then slowly transitions to sinister promises.”

Born to a musical family in rural south wales, Greta’s clever and sometimes witty lyrics stem from her writing filled childhood and poetic traditions that continue to influence the way she constructs her music.