Green Arthur releases galvanizing anthem ‘Rest in Reverse’

"Humans seek out pleasure in a million different ways. The song is about that search"
12 April 2024
Photo by Maaike Bernstrom

Indie rock sensation Green Arthur, also known as Peter Dorrien Traisci, makes a powerful return with his latest track, Rest in Reverse, following the release of the equally intriguing single, Pine Needles. Inspired by childhood memories immersed in the music of James Taylor, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Carly Simon, Green Arthur infuses his music with authenticity and nostalgia, drawing from his roots in Newport, Rhode Island.

Released via Dad’s Old Records, Rest in Reverse signifies Green Arthur’s artistic evolution, delivering an electrifying anthem that captures the essence of his unique indie and alternative rock fusion. The track’s lively tempo and infectious energy provide a fresh take on self-discovery and acceptance.

Green Arthur explains: “Humans seek out pleasure in a million different ways. The song is about that search. I like the idea of using art to reclaim a childlike state. We all start out playful but some of that is lost along the way.”

Photo by Maaike Bernstrom

The creation of Rest in Reverse was a collaborative effort that brought together a talented lineup of musicians. Initially conceived on acoustic guitar, the track underwent a transformation in Green Arthur’s home studio, resulting in a dynamic production featuring John Stirratt of Wilco on bass, Soren Burkum on drums, and Wes Hutchinson overseeing the production process.

Artwork by Isaac Alexander

Green Arthur’s newest release is bound to strike a chord with followers of Wilco, Blur, and Pavement, delivering a captivating mix of introspection and memorable melodies. Through Rest in Reverse, he urges us to reconnect with our inner sense of playfulness.