NYC’s four-piece Grassfight – Nathan Forster, Andrew Kerr, Tamsi New, Mark Demiglio – unveil ‘Please Don’t Tell’, a stimulating post-punk gem, lifted from the forthcoming EP of the same name, out 9th October via Cold Records. The fascinating track, is about a gloomy suburban couple who insist on staying together to protect their image…

The band explain: “Please Don’t Tell’ is the name of a speak-easy style bar in East Village. To get in, you walk into a hot dog shop and enter a phone booth. When you pick up the phone somebody answers and you say the name of your reservation. Then the side wall of the phone booth slides back and you walk into this “secret” small bar that’s decorated like it’s the 1920’s. There are taxidermy animals with hats and jewellery on, they play a lot of Fleetwood Mac, and the cocktails are awesome, with a Mezcal theme.”Grassfight1In case you missed them…Check out Grassfight’s impressive exciting ICON EP and ICON EP2:

Photos by Shervin Lainez