GRAND SOLEIL QuickFire Questions

By Frank Bell

Lifted from their new album Human Error out 9th April via Nowadays Records, dynamic French electronic production duo/brothers, unveil a stunning 80s sci-fi inspired animated video, for standout tune Round Round Round.

What was the first album you bought?

Fatboy slim : You’ve come a long way baby

We’ve seen the music video on tv of the single Right here right now and it was a revolution to our ears at the time. In fact we are named Grand Soleil because of his track song for shelter that came out later, in which the voice track says big bright yellow sun a thousand time.

Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations and why?

At the same time that we discovered Fatboy Slim, discovery from Daft Punk got out, no need to say that they are still a big inspiration for us. Then there is the hardtek/tribe/free party movement that had a big impact on us, mostly a french artist named FKY. And later came Siriusmo, Come Truise and a lot of others stuff

What are some non-musical inspirations that motivate your music?

We’ve played video games when we were really young, and the soundtracks were incredible. The sounds were totally new to us, and lots of games had powerful melodies that are still stuck in our heads !

Movies have been important too, we grew up with Eric Serra’s work for Leon, The big blue, the fifth element and Subway. We can also nameJoe Hisaishi, the man behind all Miyazaki’s soundtracks, and any others.

Tell us about your new single Round Round Round

We always had in mind this bass that sounds to us like the heart of a gigantic entity. The vocals sounds like a tribal incantation. So when we discovered the work of Ugo Deseigne, we immediately contact him to do the music video. We had a lot of inspirations in common, so it was really fluid and interesting to work with him. Otomo’s « Akira », Moebius, Jodorowski, Miyazaki, those names were constantly in our mind during the writing of the scenario. Then Ugo did a wonderful work on his own to put it on screen. Emotion was the keyword and we think that he succeeded to transcribe this with his drawings.

What have you got lined up for 2021?

Lots of stuff ! Our first album is out in April. Before that we’ll release 2 singles. Then we have good faith that we could go live again, we have concerts coming and we hope that they won t be reported.

Then we already have an EP ready to go out juste before 2022 !


Photo by Clément Barzucchetti