Grace & Moji capture your hearts with their new indie-pop track ‘Monster’

“The music video is based on the concept of us exploring our inner demons in a playful way."
17 September 2023

Grace & Moji, are preparing to capture your hearts with their newest indie-pop track, Monster. In addition to its captivating and uplifting sound, this duet dives deeply into the universal concept of accepting one’s imperfections and embracing one’s natural duality inside oneself.

The exciting collab between Grace Hong and Martin Wave, aka Grace & Moji, is all about love, creative expression, and healing in their relationship.

The Monster music video, shot in a dilapidated Los Angeles warehouse, is a visually stunning exploration of the ways in which our own demons manifest in our interpersonal interactions.

Hong explains: “The music video is based on the concept of us exploring our inner demons in a playful way. In order to grow, we have to work with both the shadow and more illuminated sides of our personalities.”

Wave shares: “The Monster music video was a blast to shoot! We had our friend and amazing dancer Just Jet interpret the song and he did such a good job. I think it’s an awesome visual to the song. Everyone involved worked really hard and we’re super grateful!” 

Monster vividly depicts the internal struggle that resides within every individual as they navigate the complexities of love and connection through symbolic visuals, captivating performances by Grace & Moji, and electrifying dance choreography by Just Jet (known for working with the likes of Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Bruno Mars).

Sam Friedman, who has directed videos for bands including Bon Iver, Chloe Lilac, and Gal Pal, collaborated on the project. Grace & Moji‘s unique style, merging upbeat indie-pop with thought-provoking poetry, is on full display in this summer jam.

Their melodies flow into one another effortlessly, and their beats and instruments are contagious.

Grace & Moji‘s past albums caused a stir, earning them widespread acclaim and a legion of devoted followers. They’re raring to go to new heights with Monster, and perhaps encouraging their fans to do the same by facing their own demons head-on.

Keep up with Grace & Moji‘s latest releases and planned shows by following the band on their official website and other social media outlets, where Monster is also available for streaming and download. Also, later this year, be on the lookout for their first EP.