Gothic Tropic1Los Angeles-based project Gothic Tropic, led by enchanting guitarist, singer, songwriter Cecilia Della Peruti, reveal new track ‘Stronger’. An exquisitely refreshing and sleek, 80’s soaked, guitar-driven indie rock bliss.

Della Peruti told Noisey: “Now, I’m starting to require respect and decency…This song celebrates that, and urges other tiny baby girls, young girls, young women, old women, grandmas, friggin’ your mom, and essentially anyone, gender, non-gender, dog, fairy, alien, anyone who’s felt nervous about asserting one’s self in these situations. It’s OK. You can. And everyone will still love you, and think you’re a god damn angel, because if you are, you are. No amount of reasonable and fair reactions will change that…Gothic Tropic3

Photos by Ryan Aylsworth