Photo by Cody Critcheloe

Gossip: Reigniting the Flame with ‘Real Power’

"That's real power—people coming together, making those decisions to be in the streets"
25 January 2024

Few bands have made an indelible mark in indie-pop’s ever-evolving tapestry like Gossip. Known for their unapologetic spirit and electrifying anthems, the beloved indie-pop renegades are back, this time with a thunderous new single, Real Power. As the second single and title track from their eagerly awaited new album, set to drop on March 22nd via Sony Music Entertainment, Real Power heralds a triumphant return.

The music video for Real Power is a visual spectacle that pays homage to Gossip’s notorious, sweat-soaked live performances. Directed by the revered audio-visual artist, Cody Critcheloe, aka SSION, the video is a pivotal new creative chapter for the band, capturing the raw and visceral sensation of Gossip live.

Sparked by the Black Lives Matter protests in frontwoman Beth Ditto’s hometown of Portland and echoing around the globe, Real Power emerges as a rebel-rousing anthem and a rallying cry for owning one’s power. It’s a sonic embodiment of personal agency, standing tall in the face of volatile times. The track is packed with juggernaut riffs and tenacious dance beats, all anchored by Ditto’s soulful voice, radiating riot girl power. This song is Gossip in their element, perfectly capturing their classic dance-punk sound that fans have come to love and expect.

Photo by Cody Critcheloe

Beth Ditto comments on the track, “Real Power is about how awesome our city is and how it really showed up. The system was being rearranged, and we were forcing people to reckon with it in a time when it could literally make you ill, in a pandemic. That’s real power—people coming together, making those decisions to be in the streets.”

The journey to Real Power began with Gossip’s first music in 11 years, the celebrated single Crazy Again. Also directed by Critcheloe, this precursor picked up critical acclaim and topped playlists worldwide, setting the stage for the album.

Real Power is more than just an album; it’s a reunion with the acclaimed producer Rick Rubin, who previously collaborated with the band on their pivotal 2009 album, Music For Men. Coaxed by Rubin, Gossip began recording in 2019, following a tour commemorating Music For Men‘s ten-year anniversary. The album, recorded at Rubin’s home studio in Kauai, is an 11-track celebration of creative expression and the power of chosen family in the aftermath of collective and personal trauma.

Photo by Cody Critcheloe

Gossip, once at the heart of the indie sleaze movement, now stands at the forefront again. Their ground-breaking legacy is more relevant than ever in a world grappling with political, cultural, gender, and sexuality issues. Their soulful swagger brought queer politics to the mainstream, tackled body politics head-on, and refused to be pigeonholed. With over 10 million records sold worldwide, Gossip’s influence in indie rock is undeniable. Their 2016 breakout studio album, Standing In The Way Of Control, reached #1 on the UK Indie chart and became a queer anthem in response to U.S. government’s proposition to define marriage and exclude homosexuals.

Beth Ditto, the band’s frontwoman, continues to blaze trails across music, fashion, feminism, and LGBTQ+ activism. Her influence spans various realms, from performances and runway walks for top designers to collaborations with global brands and launching her own makeup range.

As Gossip gears up to release Real Power, they stand ready to reignite the indie world with their fiery brand of music, reminding us once again why they are one of the most exciting and relevant bands to see live. With Real Power, Gossip not only revisits their roots but also propels their legacy forward, proving that their voice is as vital and vibrant as ever.