Florrie Arnold’s drumbeat for Hoss Intropia – A pop star is born!

Gorgeous model/drummer/singer songwriter Florrie Arnold has a perfect combination of talent, beauty and strong personality. She is developing a career both as an artist and as a model.She writes her songs, sings and play drums, guitar and keyboards.
Currently she gives most of her music away to fans for free to download, play, share and post. Florrie has released 2 EPs. ‘Introduction’ in November 2010 and “‘Experiments’ in June 2011.
Featuring new on the scene model/drummer/singer songwriter Florrie Arnold and new for 2012, Hoss Intropia is a women’s fashion label with outlets across the world and a sense of social responsibility, with various charitable initiatives being developed by Hoss Intropia across India and Spain.Showcasing her formidable musical talent in this full length clip directed by Christian Larson of RSA Film fame, Florrie Arnold creates her own unique soundtrack with Hoss Intropia, marching quite literally to the sound of her own drumbeat.
A pop star is born!