Good Kid Lamb presents ‘All Business’, an impressive hip-hop album that is both sophisticated and ambitious

"Letting everybody hear Good Kid Lamb, my sound, and my pen"
9 October 2023

Good Kid Lamb, who hails from Evansville, Indiana, emerges triumphantly from a short hiatus from the music scene, shedding his past personas to unveil his latest ambitious masterwork, All Business. Lamb’s resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to this daring 18-track album, a journey that has shaped him into the artist he is today.

All Business is not just an album; it’s an individualistic project where every note and lyric is a product of Lamb’s pen and soul. The album mirrors the layers of a perfect hip-hop narrative, showcasing the remarkable evolution of Good Kid Lamb on his artistic voyage.

Influenced by his tight-knit family and dedicated fanbase, All Business serves a significant purpose for Lamb – “letting everybody hear Good Kid Lamb, my sound, and my pen.” The album is meticulously crafted with sonically idyllic mixing and mastering by a Houston-based sound engineer, promising to be Lamb’s most sophisticated and coherent work to date.

Experienced rapper Good Kid Lamb, boasting more than 5 years of authentic music expertise and a decade of influential presence in the underground scene, intricately crafts his life’s narrative through his artistic expression. Formerly recognized as Lambo The Godd, his musical path began in his early years, evolving into a lyrical exploration that reached its zenith with the inception of City, his inaugural musical endeavor.

As an artist who has faced trials and tribulations, Good Kid Lamb embraces his identity and uses his music as a guide through life’s complexities. From the alter ego of The Godd to the rebirth as Lambo Mior, each transformation reflects his growth and evolution. Now, as Good Kid Lamb, he continues to uplift his family and community through poetic narratives that delve into the intricacies of the psyche and societal fabric.

All Business works as a culmination of Good Kid Lamb‘s artistic journey, drawing inspiration from influences like G Herbo and Kodak. This album is is a reflection of a man who has weathered storms, emerged stronger, and invites listeners to join him on a journey of raw introspection and societal critique.

Good Kid Lamb‘s All Business stands as a refined and cohesive manifestation that surpasses conventional boundaries, solidifying its status as another standout gem in the realm of hip-hop.