Goldy’s ‘Donald Glover’: A summer anthem cementing his rising status

"Donald Glover is one of the reasons why I started making music and acting, and I felt it made sense to include his name in the song”
5 July 2024

Chicago’s own Goldy is making waves with his latest single Donald Glover, a standout track from his recently released debut album ORO. With its smooth blend of slick samples and catchy hooks laid over soft synths, this song is a clear indication of Goldy’s emergence as a major talent to keep an eye on. The creation of Donald Glover showcases Goldy’s innate musical prowess, as both the beat and lyrics came to life in a single day of inspired creativity. 

Donald Glover’s impressive resume – spanning music and acting – served as the catalyst for Goldy’s track, named in his honor.

Glover shares: “I wrote ‘Donald Glover’ a while ago and just felt like it had to be released in the summer.  I made the beat for it and wrote the lyrics on the same day.  I call the song, ‘Donald Glover’ because he is one of my main inspirations. He’s one of the reasons why I started making music and acting, and I felt it made sense to include his name in the song.”

Goldy’s production skills shine brightly on this track, where he personally crafted the beat using a sample from a friend’s vinyl collection. You can hear the echoes of hip-hop heavyweights like Larry June, Freddie Gibbs, and Boldy James in this single, where deeply personal lyrics meet unstoppable rhythms that’ll keep you moving all summer long.

Matt Armitage, Goldy’s trusted engineer and friend, brought his mixing skills to the table, yielding a track that’s both radiant and impossible to get out of your head. Goldy’s musical journey began in 2016, initially dabbling in music production as a personal outlet and form of therapy. Private curiosity sparked a flame that soon lit the way for outspoken creativity. 

By the time 2019 hit, SoundCloud had become the hotbed for this rising talent’s introspective songwriting and sonically bold undertakings. Rooted in storytelling, his accessible voice entwined with ornate instrumentation, whispering lessons that viewers weren’t soon to forget. His music career entered a whole new stratosphere with the rollout on Spotify and Apple Music, marked by the release of Function, a sensuous, electro-R&B twist. The trilogy of Red Eye and i gotta feeling showcase his growing prowess as an artist, blending styles with ease. 

With every new track, Goldy notches another win, his growth as an artist effortlessly putting him in the company of rap’s elite. You can’t fake passion, and this guy’s got it in spades – it’s the key to his creative rocket fuel, and what’s going to make him a household name in the music world.