Daniel Craig and Eva Green in Casino Royale
Let’s say you’ve been asked to meet somebody at a casino or have received an invitation for a poker match with the power players. The first question coming force is how to dress for an event like that. You, of course, may act like a self-possessed guy or an independent woman and arrive in your common-style clothes, with a wide smile on your face.

But then again, will you actually feel comfy, even though, no one remarks upon the way you look? Especially, when all the rest will show up properly dressed. To start with, it’s not the case when you pick a slot from, say 888 casino download section and play it in bed with your favourite pyjamas on. A casino is a public place and that public cares much of how others accept them.Glamour style

Naturally, the all-glamorous look may involve an open back gown combined with heels, however, there should be some temperance considered as well. Thus, if a stocking welt shows through the dress slit or from its bottom it’s going to characterise you as a somewhat giddy woman, which is surely a no-go. Also, 6-inch heels and thigh-high boots will teach you to read the men’s minds quite fast…So unless it’s one of your long-planned distracting strategies, an honest lady like you should think of some less provoking image. Outside that, you’ll need to stand for a while and extra long heels may play quite a disservice.As for men, you don’t necessarily need to look exactly like 007. A conservative shirt combined with a dark suit and a tie is what’s usually expected to wear from one.

Daniel Craig in Casino Royale
Black tie

In case you are planning to not just hit some slots (about which you’ll find more here) but thinking of an exciting card match, you’ll need to prepare in advance. Black Tie is an ideal style for evening events that traditionally take place after 6 PM. Some time past women had to wear an ankle-length sleeveless gown in accordance with the style requirements yet, today the rules are much simpler. The only requirement so far is to arrive in evening shoes. As to top, cocktail dress emphasised by some jewellery will come perfectly.

On the other hand, men have to observe the strict rules:

● A white shirt

● A black bow tie

● An evening waistcoat

● A black wool jacket

● Black leather shoes

Daniel Craig and Eva Green shine in Casino Royale
Semiformal clothing

And one more style that’s widely spread among casino visitors is called semi formal. Women may either choose a short dress or a long skirt with a matching top. Open-toe shoes are absolutely ok.

Men, however, are still supposed to wear some evening clothes. Put on a pair of dressy black or dark grey trousers (just skip the jeans) and a matching suit coat of any colour and you’ll be welcomed at a table. Eventually, black shoes will fit any image you choose.