Going for an Upgrade: Planning the Next Phase of Your Life

There are moments in our lives where we start to realise that we’ve got to move onwards and upwards. Sometimes we feel that we are stuck in the past or we actually like it that way. But people come into our lives that will make us realise that it’s time to make a couple of upgrades. If you are hitting the point where you are approaching a milestone birthday or you are now looking to make changes to your life because of a stark dose of reality, what are the three key things that you can do to plan for this next crucial phase?

Upgrading Your Material Goods

Whether you are the proud owner of a Mini Metro from 15 years ago or all of your games consoles haven’t moved from under the TV for years, now is the time to make some changes in your life if certain material goods can force you to behave in a more mature fashion. And your car can be a perfect way for you to make the transition into a more sensible version of you. This is something that many people have to do when children are on the horizon. But these changes can be expensive. When it comes to something like upgrading your car, you can use many used car finance options. Or if you are looking to get onto the property ladder putting money into an ISA is a great way to get an extra 25% on your savings. There are certain material goods that are beneficial to the next phase of our lives but they’re also things that keep us clinging onto the past. Make sure you separate the two distinctly.


Updating your skillset is crucial when you are either looking to change careers or you are looking for a bit more meaning to life. When we are progressing onwards and upwards there will be times when we have to evaluate if the skills we have are beneficial to our trajectory. Look at the career ladder. It’s not just about climbing up a ladder anymore, you can take a sideways approach into your ideal career. And in order to do this, you don’t have to go back to university. There is an abundance of online courses that you can try out for free to pique your interest. It could even point you in the direction of a career that you had never pictured yourself doing.

Updating Your Attitude to Life

Skills and material goods are all well and good but in order to truly transition to the next phase of your life, you’ve got to change your attitude. Perhaps your parents have told you that you need to grow up or you feel that the achievements you had in university are irrelevant now. This is why you need to update your whole attitude to life. Give yourself goals and aspirations. You can even set yourself certain benchmarks in a personal sense, such as making travel plans. They don’t have to be professional. They can be spiritual, personal, emotional. But when you are preparing for the next phase of your life, if you can change your attitude, this will make for a healthier transition.