From playing a legendary Bond Girl to a 3D mythological Greek goddess to a Persian princess, actress Gemma Arterton shines on the big screen.

With multiple movies roles and a packed schedule, she relies on time-efficient workouts on Power Plate machines to stay in shape and look and feel great.

If you need any workout clothes, you can use this FootLocker Promo Code to help you save on some gear.“For me, staying in shape is about feeling healthy and looking toned, so the Power Plate machine has been a revelation. It is a workout method that fits in with my schedule and helps me achieve my fitness goals, even when time is limited,” says Arterton.

“I have already noticed the results and I just love the buzz I get after a workout. I also feel stronger and more energized.”
Power Plate technology provides one of the most efficient, dynamic total-body workouts in less than 30 minutes utilizing scientifically-proven Advanced Vibration Technology that works up to 95 percent of muscle fibers while you exercise.
Different poses such as a squat or plank are held on the machine’s vibrating platform for up to 60 seconds at a time, activating multiple muscle groups simultaneously to stretch, tone or strengthen and target particular areas of the body.

The result is a high-intensity exercise that increases strength, improves muscle tone and balance and helps reduce body fat. A recent study found that it helped participants lose more weight than traditional exercise.