FM PREMIERE: God Body Bingo takes aim at the ‘haters’ with ‘Everybody Loves Bingo’

It's not just a light jab, it's a full-on verbal takedown.
26 January 2023

God Body Bingo, a dope rapper from Houston, is shaking things up with his fresh hip-hop track Everybody Loves Bingo, made with the help of his valuable collaborator and producer Bin$on.

The song has some killer 808s, and melodic organs and talks about his journey as an artist. Everybody Loves Bingo is packed with swagger and takes aim at the ‘haters’. It’s not just a light jab, it’s a full-on verbal takedown. Get ready for some electrifying vibes with eclectic beats, catchy percussion, and deep thought-provoking lyrics.

The rather entertaining and cleverly-made accompanying video showcases his live performances and gives an insight into the love and support he gets from his followers.

God Body Bingo started off in Acres Homes, Houston. He’s been a highly respected name in his hometown since 2021, when he dropped his debut album ‘OFF THE BOOKS’.

Recently, publications like the Houston Chronicle and Houstonia Magazine have been buzzing about it. That project was a huge turning point for him, which allowed him to perform two shows in the limelight and get an invitation to Miami to make music for Issa Rae’s HBO show, Rap Sh!t.

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