go4broke on his upbeat social anxiety pop anthem ‘don’t speak’

"My writing is usually a stream of consciousness; whatever I am thinking in that moment usually ends up on the paper."
19th October 2022

go4broke is a Philadelphia-based solo up-and-coming alt-pop act we interviewed recently on the release of his self-produced, recorded, and written track don’t speak, the lead single off his upcoming EP. don’t speak features relatable lyrical content and a sound that equally resonates with the following this Gen-Z artist has managed to garner with so far, mainly achieved through authentic and enthusiastic engagement via TikTok and live performance. Confessional, conversational lyrics conveying inner turmoil and disconnect juxtapose thoughtfully with a breezy, dance-worthy, and big sound driven by snappy drums, shimmering synth, and grooving basslines for an enjoyable and easy listen. It’s a well-polished and promising offering that signifies go4broke as a skilled music creator with heaps of pop potential. Listen to the track below and read on for our QuickFire Questions interview.

Tell us a bit more about your journey as an artist so far. What has led you to the release of don’t speak?

Well, I started writing music in high school about 5 years ago, but I never really made anything I was proud of back then. I spent most of my time teaching myself how to mix and produce and subconsciously I was learning how to write better lyrics, but it wasn’t something I was necessarily focused on. It wasn’t until last year that I decided I was ready to put my work out and I decided to do it under the name go4broke. I put out my debut EP last year and I was very proud of it, however, I realized there were no poppy fun singles off it. The music was interesting in my opinion, but it didn’t sound like I was having any fun, which is what led me to don’t speak. I wanted a song that still had my normal sad lyrical content, but people could dance to, especially for shows. And from there I wrote don’t speak.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Big. Personal. Beautiful.

Where and how have you had success in finding your music’s audience so far?

Thus far most of my audience has come from TikTok or my show. TikTok has been amazing especially for this new single, I met so many new supporters and I am so happy I did. They are so sweet, and it’s just been awesome seeing them resonate with my art! Along with that, shows have been great too. Most shows I have done so far, no one has known my music but by the end I feel like I have made a connection with the crowd. Playing live is my favorite thing and meeting the people at the shows has been incredible and they have been so supportive of my music even after coming to see me play.

don’t speak is a social anxiety anthem, with poppy, catchy melodies that disguise lyrics that highlight your anxieties and how you deal with them. Do you find music to be an antidote to these struggles and if so, how?

I do but not in an active way. I don’t go sit down and write a song whenever I am sad. I think I’m always writing music in the same way I’m always experiencing life and as a I learn things about myself and who I want to be it influences the songwriting that I am already doing. My writing is usually a stream of consciousness; whatever I am thinking in that moment usually ends up on the paper. I think it creates honest music in my opinion but sometimes it can feel disorganized. It helps me vent though.  

What has been your experience with live performing so far? Where have you performed and how did it go?

I have done a few shows now and it’s literally my favorite thing ever. I get such a rush and it’s just so much fun. I spend a lot of time making sure the set sounds as perfect as it can so pretty much every experience has been great. Everyone is very supportive and most of the crowds have had so much energy and it has been so much fun. I absolutely can’t wait to keep performing.

Who are your biggest influences?

This list changes quite frequently but I think my biggest influences are The 1975, The Weeknd, The Neighbourhood, and Michael Jackson.