Burgeoning singer-songwriter and fast-rising name, Georgia Lowe aka Glowe has released the highly anticipated, first instalment of her forthcoming EP, Overwhelmed.

The single is a powerful entrance into the EP, seeing Glowe’s spikey exuberance and assertive lyrics backdropped on complimentary, bold production. Overall, the track lends itself as a very strong future- pop anthem that could confidently sit amongst fellow female risers Mae Müller, JGerry, Big Piig and Emily Burns.

Speaking on the meaning behind Overwhelmed, Glowe explains; “I have ALWAYS struggled with confrontation and arguments. Whilst most of the time I love that I am a rational and easy-going person, I often find myself feeling like a pushover when others have the ability to express their feelings easily, then move on and forget. It sucks being too nice for your own good”

21-year-old Glowe is a singer, songwriter and creative from London. With a childhood spent singing alto in choirs, she now makes music to share personal experiences; love, heartbreak and the world through her eyes.

2020 is looking to be a particularly exciting year. Glowe composed a new track specifically for Lee Cooper’s soon to launch spring campaign. Aside from her music career, Glowe will be starring in season 2 of TNT/Paramount production show ‘The Alienist’ alongside Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans.