Glint Gems By Makeup Artist To The Stars Sue Moxley

Glint Gems secures celebrity endorsement from makeup artist to the stars, Sue Moxley. Moxley says “If you like colour, you’ll love Glint Gems.”

Sue Moxley is a TV presenter, Celebrity Makeup Artist, Beauty Editor for the Sun, and co-founder of Makeup Line FAMOUS by Sue Moxley. Sue lives her life around beauty and colour.
So does Glint Gems. Owned by American gemology enthusiast Michelle Jo. A british citizen for the past 8 years she has made a name for herself as a Photographer, Graphic Designer, while selling gems via auctions and classified websites.

Glint Gems is now LIVE as an online loose gemstone retailer selling to jewellery designers, gem retailers, gemstone collectors, and what they say is most important, people in need of stone replacement.
“Sometimes you need one stone of a certain size, we want buyers to know they can come to us to replace any stone and restore a valuable piece of jewelry for little cost.” Says Glint Gems owner Michelle.

Glint Gems has sold gems and designer jewellery to collectors world wide via online auction, retail sites owned by others, and their small studio in Manchester England for more than 7 years! This year they\’ve launched what they hope will be, Britains best places for wholesale lots of gemstones both real and fake, in addition to the best place to shop for one gem of a specific size and shape.

In addition to the regular precious, semi-precious, and synthetic gems sold else where, Glint Gems also offers over 250 different cut styles in Cubic Zirconia of any colour.

Best of all, they offer gem collectors and jewellery designers the opportunity to design their own gemstone cut for a very low price. (Most custom cuts in sizes up to 30mm cost under £20.00).

You can find Glint Gems only online at