Give Your Garden Some TLC for the Summer


With the weather heating up there is no better time to give your garden some much-needed attention as many of us can let them get out of hand during the colder and rainier months, but when the UK weather blesses us with some beautiful summer days you want your garden to be BBQ ready and the perfect sunbathing destination. Not to worry, as you don’t need to spend a fortune or get the Gardners in, there are a few simple ways to give your garden some TLC for the summer and here’s how. 

Make Your Space Look Bigger 

If you’re not blessed with space when it comes to your garden area, there are many little tricks to help give the illusion of more. A common fix to make any space look bigger is to add some mirrors, many of you may be thinking that you cant do so in the garden, but you would be wrong and it has, in fact, become a very popular accessory for outside spaces; they make your garden look bigger, add style and not to worry as mirrored plastic greenhouse glass is very affordable so no need to spend mass amounts on this little project. 

Adding a mirror to your garden can be done in many ways, such as styling an old window frame and facing it towards your greenery to break up a row of fences or brick wall. If the mirror is floor-length this also adds to the idea that there is more of your garden beyond the feature.

The Greener the Better 

Nothing says summer more than stepping out into a garden that is full of fresh flowers and beautiful greenery, but we know that it can be expensive to do, so here’s how you can make your own hanging baskets as opposed to spending lots of money on them in a garden centre. If you don’t have the greenest of thumbs, not to worry as this can be really simple, all you need are some old bits and bobs that you can find around the house, such as a colander that can be your basket. 

Once you have a base you only need to spend a small amount on planting materials, such as a liner, compost and obviously you’re beautiful plants and flowers that are going to transform our garden. These are perfect to add colour to your garden and give it a summery vibe while you enjoy a day out in the sun. 

Have a Good Clean and Tidy 

To make your garden brand new again you don’t need to spend a fortune, simply get your marigolds on and get to work on giving your space a good, deep clean. The colder months can lead to your patio, decking and outdoor furniture getting weathered and dirty, you would be surprised at how much of a difference it will make to the appearance of your garden if you give everything a good clean or if you have a jet wash then that can be quicker and easier.