Giulia’s New Video For TRIPPIN’ Is Out Of This World

Trippin’ is a song which demands to be listened to. Beginning with a resounding low-pitched bass and a chorus which, by contrast, is sung in an airy, falsetto vocal, this is a song to take you on a journey.

The video is no different. 

Giulia is the captain of a plane journeying through the stars, navigating twirling dancers, planets of various shapes and sizes and star signs which hang like beacons in the sky around her ship. Both the video and the song itself are hypnotising, drawing us into the story of this intrepid explorer as she flies deeper and deeper into space, her haunting vocals singing “I’m trippin’, trippin’, trippin’, trippin’ out”. With a video this bizarre and a song this kaleidoscopic, it’s easy to see why. Moments of interstellar space travel are juxtaposed with sections of ethereal and otherworldly dance and movement sequences, creating a collaboration of different art styles more than a mere music video. But what is the most memorable thing about this video is Giulia’s unwavering eye contact throughout – her confidence and assurance are plain to see and leave no room for doubt that if there is anyone to get through this dangerous space adventure, it’s going to be her.

The child of a professional Polo player and a fashion entrepreneur, Giulia had anything but a conventional childhood. Her range of cultural influences are made apparent in this song as she harnesses this worldly knowledge and brings it into her meld of country-rock-pop in a way which sets her apart from anything else in the charts right now. 

The video for Trippin’ is the first in a three-part video series detailed Giulia’s adventures – another innovative idea from the Italian enigma. The video for Trippin’ is set for release on the 27th September and the remainder of the trilogy in the following months. The video ends as we see her plane fly off into the distance and the words “to be continued” appear at the bottom of the screen, leaving us wondering what is next in store for our intrepid intergalactic explorer…