Love good food? Check this!: VICE’s new cooking show, from the stupider, drunkier end of home cuisine, starring Joanna Fuertes-Knight
Girl Eats Food is VICE’s all-conquering, new cooking show. Hosted by North London wide-girl, Joanna Fuertes-Knight, it’s a spin off of her remarkably successful food blog of the same name. Ever since Joanna first appeared on VICE talking about deep fat frying and renal failure, we’ve known she was destined for stardom and now, at the behest of many of her fans, she’s made the leap to the moving screen. So, Girl Eats Food is a cooking show from the stupider, drunkier, more experimental end of home cuisine.

Each week, JFK shows us how to prepare a gastronomic delight fit for royalty, made from ‘ingredients’ stocked by her local corner shop, questionable meat markets and an unsuspicious pharmacy.

Joanna’s an inverse food snob and Girl Eats Food provides an antidote to the plethora of stuffy food snobs who preach the ins-and-outs of specially sourced truffle oil, but neglect readers who might just want to know their way around a boozy, recession-proof Sunday lunch.

Season One of Girl Eats Food comprises of 12 four-minute episodes themed around the perfect recipes for events such as The Olympics, The Queen’s Jubilee and Carnival; or just JFK’s ruminations on London’s chicken shop wars, her rants against over priced, twee cupcakes and the evils of veganism.

Cherry Sizzurp Pulled Pork’ (a DJ Screw inspired pork recipe injected with cherry cough syrup), ‘Popping Candy Pavlova’, ‘Vegan Meat Feast Pizza’ and ‘Olympic Athlete Nachos’ are just a few of the delicacies conceived, cooked and devoured during the series.

Buon Appettito!