For the second installment of VICE’s new cooking show, Girl Eats Food, Joanna Fuertes-Knight makes a Jubilee themed picnic to rival the Queen’s very own Diamond Jubilee spread.

For this quintessentially British affair, Joanna creates a pink lemonade Victoria sponge cake, a sumptuous blueberry and Cava jam with scones and some dog-food sausage rolls for the corgis.

Joanna visits Buckingham Palace for inspiration and ruminates on alternative past times for Prince Harry if he wasn’t a Royal – ”daggering some girl at at Oceana, knocking back Reefs” – and how the Queen could do with a Tupac style style hologram to carry out some of her more menial, day-to-day public duties.

Girl Eats Food is a cooking show from the stupider, drunkier, more experimental end of home cuisine. Each week, JFK shows us how to prepare a gastronomic delight fit for royalty, made from ‘ingredients’ stocked by her local corner shop, questionable meat markets and an unsuspicious pharmacy. Joanna’s an inverse food snob and Girl Eats Food provides an antidote to the plethora of stuffy food snobs who preach the ins-and-outs of specially sourced truffle oil, but neglect readers who might just want to know their way around a boozy, recession-proof Sunday lunch.