Giovanna’s YOUNG HEART PLAYER Video | Exclusive Behind The Scenes Shots

Combining visual and auditory art forms is something which film composer and pop star Giovanna is no stranger to. Her impactful songwriting style is perfectly interpreted into contemporary dance in new video for her hit single Young Heart Player.

Behind-the-scenes shots reveal the dedication of a team committed to turning this song into a visual form of art, with two dancers fighting through choreography to explore the power struggles we see in courtrooms, governments and on the streets the world over. This video, set as it is in an abandoned court building and utilising pedestrian movements to create a choreographed narrative, is the perfect exploration of Giovanna’s intentional emotions through dance. 

The narrative created begins with the female dancer being controlled by the male dancer, like a puppet on strings. The choreography leads us through a power struggle, at the end of which the power dynamic has shifted and the female dancer comes out on top. It’s an impressive and thought-provoking video which reflects the emotions conveyed in the lyrics and instrumentation of the track. 

Watching the video is an emotionally charged experience which will leave you in awe of the beautifully intricate choreography and the feelings expressed in the song itself.