Giovanna Shines With YOUNG HEARTH PLAYER Video

With a background in film scoring earning her a win at the The Portobello Film Festival, it’s unsurprising that the new song from London-based Giovanna is, in a word, cinematic. 

Young Heart Player is a video which marries together differing types of media to create a holistic piece of art which is both chilling and impressive in its reach and ambition, yet simultaneously undeniably catchy. The video is an interpretation of the song in the form of contemporary dance, showing a power struggle between two dancers who move throughout the piece to create a stunning blend of bodies and vocals in this eye-catching video. 

Giovanna has been out of the spotlight for a few years, allowing her time to hone her creativite direction, something which becomes apparent in the first few bars of Young Heart Player, wherein her unique blend of glacial vocals and dance-esque production is made indisputably clear. The track makes use of understated yet effective instrumentation with Giovanna’s powerful vocals taking the forefront over the top. The video culminates in one dancer winning control over the other and walking away in triumph, and the song feels triumphant too – like the return of someone who knows she is now exactly where she is supposed to be.

This exciting new video perfectly encapsulates the feel of the song without giving away too much about Giovanna herself. It’s clear that she has plenty more to give and is saving herself for her other songs due to come out over the next few months. If Young Heart Player is anything to go by, this enigmatic artist is certainly one to keep your eyes (and ears) on.