GIORA Drops Electronica-Infused Single SAFE IN THE DARK

By Vee D

Following up from debut singles ‘Where the Flowers Grow’, and ‘Sorry’, singer, composer, record producer, and dancer, Giora unveils his new electronica-infused single Safe in the Dark, the title track from his new EP, with his most ambitious music video yet showcasing a passion for performance art, movement, and storytelling. The video was created in collaboration with Nick Finegan, London-based director, and multi-disciplinary artist.

Safe in the Dark is an anthemic ballad with intertwining synthesizer work, upholding a cinematic vision. As Giora describes “It’s about coming to terms with the uncertainty that life presents. I realized that with self-love, hope, and a deep sense of who I am, I am able to overcome the toughest situations and remain grounded, no matter what happens next. It is also the first time I introduced chanting into my production, inspired by my Israeli heritage.”

Borrowing from a wide range of sonic and cultural influences, while striking a balance with poignant and skilled songwriting, Giora creates immersive, dreamy, and introspective journeys into his world.