Gina Kushka1Following the release of the highly promising ‘Mid-Air’ and ‘Bring It Down’, 23 year-old South African-born Londoner, singer/songwriter (and recognized painter) Gina Kushka, unveils this exquisite self-produced video for ‘Hurtproof’, another segment of her flawlessly captivating and credible electro-soul-pop.

Speaking about the video Gina says: “I shot this video in South Africa by accident. I always capture things that I think are beautiful, painful, or anything that does something to me, and I realized that those abstract and incompatible moments actually embody the conflicts we deal with inside us.”

Gina opens up and explains the concept behind the new track: “When I wrote ‘Hurtproof’, I was feeling that sort of intensely hypersensitive numb feeling, where my heart was telling me I wanted to run for miles and scream, but at the same time, my body felt like it couldn’t move if I tried and just wanted to disappear. Even the sky was conflicting that day; the sun was bright, but the wind was violent and loud, pumping dark clouds across it… It isn’t a physical reality, but a confession of vulnerability. Being honest and opening up my heart is my way of finding strength…I guess that’s why this song happened…”