‘Lend Me Your Skin’ would be quite a terrifying request if taken literally, however the title of GILLBANKS – the performing pseudonym of Sam Gillbanks – new 5 track EP is in fact a perfect representation of a collection of tracks which are perfectly relatable to everyone who listens to them.

As if metaphorically allowing you to lend Sam your skin as he sings from your perspective.

The lyric itself “lend me your skin, cos mines wearing thin” is taken from the EP’s final track ‘Nerve’, a six minute epic which shows us with the full spectrum of GILLBANKS ability.

From the reverbed almost sinister verses, with their sparsely placed lyrics, to the power of the choruses the music steady but like stormy waves rhythmically hitting you over and over.

Comparing the EP to other artists is difficult because the cacophony of influences seems to change from song to song, or even from one section to the next.

At one point you can hear old school grunge like Nirvana with Yannis Philippakis (Foals)-like vocals, the next it’s something more akin to new indie artist Oscar mixed with classic Brit Pop from the more guitar heavy side of Blur or even 1st album Coldplay – that last one on ‘Loosen Up’ (I was hesitant to use the reference because of what Chris Martin and co have become, but you listen to it and tell me you don’t hear it).

‘Lend Me Your Skin’s’ standout track is definitely Anxious?, the guitar riff which runs throughout the song is just so damn catchy you can’t help but get the urge to head-bang your way through the chorus. The chorus vocals themselves conveying the anxiousness of the track, straining over the heavily distorted guitar which you can almost feel coming prior to the drop.

If you’re London-based you can catch GILLBANKS at a number of gigs over the coming months and dance to you hearts content at:
11th Dec – The Sebright Arms – Bethnal Green
12th January – Hoxton Bar & Grill – Hoxton
10th February – Proud Camden – Camden
6th March – Notting Hill Arts Club – Notting Hill