Review – Matt Fitzsimons (Black Freeway) Auntie Annies, October 6:
Matt was the first on last tonight at the Gentry Morris gig and I’m not sure a lot of these people were here for a gig because I couldn’t really hear him over the incessant chattering going on.
Anyway, the Black Freeway numbers Matt stripped down were gritty, lively and exactly what it says on the tin – music to hit the freeway with.

Matt’s vocals are unique with great belting screams coupled with a softer rock element to them.

Not even a great cover of Neil Young’s Rockin’ In The Free World got this hard crowd to take notice but in my opinion that wasn’t Matt’s doing but rather a crowd who clearly don’t know how to rock.

Oh yeah and a great cover of Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again is always a winner in my book! Looking forward to hearing Matt’s whole set at Ma Nelsons on the Lisburn Road this Saturday.

By Tina Calder