Review – Gentry Morris, Auntie Annies October 6.
With 7 people on stage I was expecting big big things from this performance from Gentry and his band and in a weird way I got it in a way I never expected.
So many musicians on stage left me wondering how they were all going to stand out and make an impression, but then I realised I’m not here to see a “band” that it’s a singer/songwriter and without being disparaging to the rest of the people on stage, they didn’t matter.

What I loved was that they band melted into the background to let Gentry and his music stand out.

Gentry’s music is very different to the two players who came before him, he is much more mellow and calm.

However, he has a great ability to build the layers of sounds an lyrics into his music with lots of songs opening up in the middle such as When The World Comes Crashing Down.

With Gentry what you see is what you get, a guy with his guitar and a few mates making some interesting music.

Photo by Rachel Coulter

By Tina Calder