Review – A Little Bitter, Pavillion, Belfast October 27 . Thank f..k !! Finally a brilliant three-piece band who have proved me wrong.
For so long I have moaned and cried that three-pieces can’t provide the same sound as four, five or even six people can.

Oh how wrong was I, turns out the ones I’ve seen are just a bit crap compared to these boys.

A Little Bitter are fantastic chanting good old rock with a bassist and singer who can both interact with the audience but who know where their place is and when they should step back.

Chucking in a cover or two helps to keep the audience sweet while the promise of two free albums for the A Little Bitter virgins like myself is definitely a touch which helps to make these cheeky chappies much more likeable.

A Little Bitter may be their name but these guys are fun, charismatic and one of the best performing bands I’ve seen in a long time – so glad it’s a two-hour set, something few bands on the scene can do !

By Tina Calder