Gianni Bee radiates summer warmth in new single ‘Sunflower’

The single is distinguished by a unique collaboration with singer-songwriter/cellist Maddie Ashman
27th January 2024

Gianni Bee, an English-speaking folk singer-songwriter with an extraordinary musical path, releases his latest single Sunflower. This track, with its soothing, nostalgic essence, is a musical embodiment of summer warmth.

Hailing from France and the Caribbean, Gianni Bee’s self-taught musical prowess emerged at fifteen. His experience from bar performances and YouTube covers led to recognition in 2017 by The Voice France, where he was part of Florent Pagny’s team until the semi-finals.

Sunflower reflects the depth and diversity of Bee’s musical character, influenced by the likes of Tom Rosenthal, The Lumineers, Jeff Buckley, and Bon Iver. Performed in English, French, and Spanish, the song weaves a colorful mosaic that captures the essence of his rich multicultural background.

The single is distinguished by a unique collaboration with singer-songwriter/cellist Maddie Ashman. This partnership forms a dual duet, intertwining guitar and cello, and melding two distinctive styles and energies. Recorded in a Manchester studio, Sunflower stands as a testament to the enchantment of cross-cultural artistic fusion.

Described by Bee as a summer song, Sunflower evokes feelings of comfort and hope. This fully acoustic piece delves into themes of love at first sight, deep connections, and the exhilaration of rekindled romance after a long separation.

To support Sunflower, Gianni Bee plans an accompanying music video, a ten-show tour in France, and radio promotions. His commitment to offering fans an immersive experience is evident in the forthcoming visuals and live performances.

Available on all major streaming platforms now via ALTER K, Sunflower showcases Gianni Bee’s knack to blend diverse cultural influences into a harmonious and uplifting melody.