Get Your Music On A Major Indie Film

Great news for the music industry: a groundbreaking new media concept that brings cutting-edge film and music together, is offering up and coming bands and musicians the chance to have their music included in a major British independent movie.
Soundtraxs is the brainchild of British independent production company NyAC and is being hosted by leading music video site MUZU.TV.

It is the world’s first global online competition, to create a feature film soundtrack.

Winning tracks will feature on hotly anticipated new British movie Relative Desire by BAFTA award winning director Michael Baig Clifford.

Set to star Imogen Poots (Fright Night, 28 Weeks Later, V for Vendetta) and Harry Treadaway (Fish Tank, Control, Brothers of the Head), Relative Desire is a fast moving, time twisting thriller where a teenager on the edge sets out to find her missing mother, only to discover a dangerous world where choices are never simple.

Imogen Poots in '28 Weeks Later'

Musicians across all genres are encouraged to upload their music onto where members of the public will vote for their favourite tracks.

A leading panel of music and film industry experts will then convene to judge the shortlist and the winning ten tracks will feature in the movie soundtrack.

Soundtraxs – Bouncer
Soundtraxs provides a fantastic career opportunity for emerging bands as the winners will benefit from full synchronisation fees and ongoing royalty payments, and all music will be licensed on a non-exclusive basis.

The competition will make the soundtrack to Relative Desire sound utterly unique and will introduce a whole new generation of artists to the world of music for film, a domain normally only open to artists in the higher echelons of the music industry.

“Our mission is to bring new original talent to audiences in as many cross-platform partnerships and collaborations as we can. Soundtraxs is a first.

It gives new artists a chance to have their music in a feature film by an award winning director,” says NyAC founder Phil Parker.

“The concept itself is fairly simple – it is a global online competition.

Potential artists, bands, songwriters and composers have the opportunity to upload a selection of compositions or songs at the Soundtraxs site, hosted by digital partners and new media darlings, MUZU.

The public will then vote for the songs they want to appear in the movie soundtrack.

The top 50 tunes will then be considered by an expert panel, who will choose the final 10 tunes, and those 10 will appear in the final cut of the film.”

“Soundtraxs is more than a music competition. It provides an opportunity for new graphics artists, who have created animated story boards for musicians to add music to.” adds Phil.

“It also allows the public for the first time to collaborate in the creation of a film soundtrack.

Soundtraxs is a collaborative opportunity, giving artists a valuable means to explore new business models within the creative industries.”