Get to Know: MORGAN

We recently ran news on this amazing Spanish band, Morgan, who have announced they’re coming to the UK to play a speci2al show at London’s Colours on 25th February. We’ve been lucky enough to grab 5 minutes with them for a quick Get To Know interview ahead of the show. Check out what they had to say below! 

Please introduce yourself:

We are Morgan, a pop-rock band from Spain. We started in 2012 as a group of friends wanting to have fun playing music and having a good time, basically.

Tell us about the new single, Another Road:

That song represents the vibe we had during our first album tour, in which we had the chance to play all around our country. We wanted to portray that happiness also on the music style, that´s why decided to go disco.

What can we expect from your upcoming London show:

To have a good time, to enjoy the different ambients we go through during the show and if we do it right, to be touched by our music

How do UK audiences compare to Spanish? 

We’ve been there a couple of times and it was amazing, the audience was great, we know we have a lot of work to do over there but so far the feeling is good.

A lot of your songs are song in English. What made you decide to do that? 

Influences, all the music we listen to when we were young and almost all the music we listen to now is in English 

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Make a living!

What else does Morgan have planned for 2020?

We want to work on our third album and try and make something good. Our second album was written during our first tour but we wanted to take a breath for the third one, having a little perspective we´ll make us good after 4 years of touring. 

Morgan play Colours, Hoxton, London on 25th February. The new single, ‘Another Road’ is out 21st February.