It’s girls against ad-bags this season, as the world of re-useable bags moves on to the second stage of its development, with discerning ladies everywhere demanding handbags and GLAD-bags.

Bag-in-a-pouch provider Fizbag has seen demand for its designer, free-from-supermarket-advertising bags soar, with its Peacock Collection being its most successful yet and selling furiously around the globe.

eco-friendly Fizbag

The reason girls are going mad for the 10 bags in the Fizbag collection is summed up by acronym GLAD (Green, Luscious, Advert-free and Durable).

Using an eco-friendly Fizbag helps cut the plastic bag mountain that harms the environment and the wildlife living on the planet. Each Fizbag is a designer purchase in its own right with no supermarket advertising emblazoned across it to pigeonhole its owner and allow judgements to be made about them. It is also extremely durable and washable.


The gorgeous Fizbags weigh just 30g, allowing two or three to be stashed inside a handbag with ease, particularly as they measure just 11cm x 6cm in their pouch, even though they expand to 35cm x 40cm.

For those following the blue trend this season, there is the lovely turquoise bag Peacock, carrying a beautiful peacock feather pattern. A darker blue reptilian print is also available with the Snake Skin bag.

Nature loving girls go mad for Red Floral, a blue bag with big red flowers in bloom as its pattern, and Pink Flowers – a black bag brightened by a classical pink flowered detail.

Animal print devotees are sure to plump for Leopard, Zebra or the funky Pink Giraffe, whilst anyone who loves being spotted as a fashionable chick can’t go wrong with Polka Dot (olive with pink spots) or Multi-Dot (black with coloured spots).

That just leaves the adorable, girly cupcakes Fizbag – a pink and lemon dream for anyone wanting to be seen as a girl with a swirl.

Mixing and matching Fizbags with different outfits in the wardrobe is the new accessory trend, so don’t miss out. Get your GLAD-bags for your handbags at where each costs just £4.10 and postage and packing is free for four or more.