Get juicy gossip from TOWIE gang

This week Fabulous Magazine took to the skies with the TOWIE gang – and boy did we get some juicy gossip.

Maybe it was the high altitude, or all that champagne from upper class, but Joey Essex finally decided to spill the beans about his fling with Jess Wright: “I knocked that on the head, every time I went to see her, she’d be with her friends and so obviously that wasn’t going to work.”

But he’s not be sitting at home licking his wounds. He told Fabulous: “Recently I have been seeing lots of girls, it’s been fun and it’s funny but I think I’m better with a girlfriend.”

Fabulous then cornered Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario about their fiery romance. Could they be the new Mark and Lauren? “Mario hates us being compared to Mark and Lauren, we are completely different.”

But is Mario over the Mark and Lucy saga? “Yeah, otherwise he wouldn’t be with me, he’s definitely forgiven me.” But Mario isn’t quite so sure: “I’m not going to say I trust her 100 per cent and I definitely have good days and bad days, but we’re OK.”

Mario reveals to Fabulous just how well he is doing from TOWIE, “I bought a white Audi and a Rolex – I’ve earned about £80-100k since TOWIE so I’m not doing too badly.” Neither is Jess Wright, who just spent £30,000 on a new Mercedes. It seems like they are all doing pretty well for themselves!

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