‘Get Better’ by Ari Zizzo is the perfect combination of strength and vulnerability

"It's about heartbreak and betrayal. It’s about my ex-girlfriend, who left me out of nowhere after promising me the world"
8th February 2023

After the success of his other songs, Mend and Have Fun (Without Me), Ari Zizzo from LA has dropped yet another hit single, titled Get Better.

The song was written two weeks after Zizzo had gone through a tough breakup. It shows the struggles he faced after his long relationship came to an end. Get Better begins with some acoustic guitar and his amazing vocals. It really conveys the emotion of heartbreak, going from feeling sad to eventually feeling liberated. The lyrics are like…“I hate when you do this, it hurts more than ever / I don’t really care if you ever get better.”

Collaborating with Billy Gerrity, Zizzo created a song that has the perfect balance of power and vulnerability.

He opened up about what inspired the song, saying: “‘Get Better’ is about heartbreak and betrayal. It’s about my ex-girlfriend, who left me out of nowhere after promising me the world. She ended up cheating and lying and acting like I didn’t exist. I still live in our apartment with our cat, and I had to pack all of her things for her to take out of our home because she didn’t even have the decency to plan things out and do this respectfully. It was so hard being left with reminders of her everywhere, and it took a long time to make this home feel like my own space. It’s about the shock of someone hurting you when you least expect it, and that rage you feel when you know you’re suffering, but imagine that the person who hurt you is ‘living their best life,’ even if they aren’t. I wanted to let go of caring about what she was doing, how she was doing, and if she ever got her life together.”

With roots in Manhattan, Zizzo wears many hats: musician, New Yorker, guitarist, pianist, and transgender.

He has been blessed with a natural talent for singing and songwriting, and his musical journey started in the Upper East Side thanks to the guidance of his creative parents who are both affiliated with music – one as a producer and another as a vocal coach/songwriter.

Zizzo began playing the piano when he was four and it was evident to him by the time he was thirteen that he wanted to make art his career. After studying music at SUNY Purchase, he moved to LA to pursue a career as an artist.

His music speaks to strong emotions such as love and heartbreak and reflects his own journey of self-discovery: “Transitioning for me, when you get down to the nitty gritty stuff, was a very unique challenge and experience,” – reveals Zizzo – “But really, it was just me trying to find myself and my identity, and learn to feel at home in my own skin, and so many young people have their own ways of trying to fight for those same things.”

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Photo by Rick Bay