German Alt-Pop Artist Emma Philine Shares Unique New EP Project

‘17 2 20’ Is The Rising Artist’s Lush new Debut

By Vee D

Blending elements from Electronica, pop and RnB into something uniquely her own – Rising artist Emma Philine has been creating some of the most unique and daring compositions out of Leipzig, Germany. Emma shares her personal story of lust, identity and anxiety. She creates an intimate portrait of a generation struggling with mental health in a perpetual state of self-reflection. This multidisciplinary project is a close collaboration with producer Dennis Behrendt aka Zoetrop, who brings his skills in music production and artist management to help Emma Philine execute her creative vision. 

Speaking on the EP, Emma states: “For me personally the EP not only represents 4 songs but 4 years of my life. During this time I was drawing a lot. My sketches are characterized by a certain anti-aesthetic and they are always about the same archetype: The ego, the devil. After a long time we’ve decided that those drawings are a part of Emma Philine so we integrated them into the EP artwork and printed them on our merch as well. All drawings come together with a quote. One of those quotes reads: “The cameras are off so why you keep performing?’’

Photos by Kim Camille


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